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Territory: DE | AT | CH

Wanubalé - nine guys from Berlin, inspired by the city’s fresh Jazz scene and distinct club culture. This band sets out to define their own, highly danceable version of Jazz, Afrobeat and Bass Music.
Wanubalé met at school. Five of the nine in the band went to the same musical 
high school in Berlin. There, in a dark basement jam-packed with equipment, 
Philip Schilz and Heinrich Eiszmann met for whole afternoons to built unique 
sound castles made up of bass drums, snares and everything else they were able 
to get their hands on. Thus, the two drummers built the foundation for the grooves that define Wanubalé.
Heavy influences from Jazz, Afrobeat and Funk shape their compositions. However, electronic sounds are just as important to Wanubalé. All of the nine are in their early twenties. All of them grew up around the vibrant club culture of Germany’s capital. All of them are into Dub, Bass Music and Broken Beat. And several members dj, as well.
The Wanubalés are first rate musicians. They tend to take their time writing arrangements, yet they are careful not to overly emphasize their jazz skills. Songwriting is a collaborative affair, everything is developed organically.