Der Assistent

Territory: EU | DE | AT | CH

Der Assistent is the solo project of FOTOS singer Tom Hessler. The pleasantly relaxing dubby pop songs give the listeners air to breathe—tracks to unwind in an uplifting way despite the sometimes melancholy tones.

His sound is like the rhythm machine of Timmy Thomas (R.I.P.), the German band Die Sterne, The Durutti Column in “little fluffy clouds,” the dream worlds of Anna Domino, or the bittersweet suspense arcs of a Krzysztof Komeda between mystery, crime, and amore. And all the while, always maximally relaxed and a provider of good vibrations. He calls it “Signals of indulgence” – all gentle title melodies for our individually fragile lives. He has even written a hymn to the letter W for all eternity.