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Melodiesinfonie & The Sugarpies

Have you ever heard music that is completely at peace with itself? Music that is not plastered with intention and calculation? That simply finds itself intuitively, more and more, carefully and gently? Then you must have almost come across the work of Kevin Wettstein aka Melodiesinfonie. Since a decade, the tireless Zurich native has been combining hip-hop, jazz, and psychedelic elements to pieces that have a slight melancholy, but above all a lot of
confidence and drifter qualities.

Initially influenced by idiosyncratic producers from the hip-hop context such as
J Dilla, Madlib or Mndsgn, he has steadily freed himself from rigid production processes and genres and today includes composers and musicians like Alice Phoebe Lou, O Terno or Mac DeMarco among his sources of inspiration.

On his already ten albums he sometimes listens more to the beats and his ancestral instrument, the drums, or explores the sound world of the guitar or gives space to one of his numerous collaborators. It is music that works immediately, but also creates a new listening experience even if you listen to the tracks on repeat.

Melodiesinfonie’s new album “Softboi” will be out in August, his first single “Seaside” feat. OG Florin will be out next Friday, June 16th.

„I‘m looking forward to share the stage with three fantastic musicians on this tour. There is Naiara on the bass, OG Florin on the Mustang guitar and Andrin on the Höfner guitar with that mellow hollow body tone. We‘re going to interpret and improvise songs of my upcoming album and some „classics“ from my past releases. It‘s gonna be mellow, danceable, dreamy, groovy and for sure an unique experience.“