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Territory: worldwide

The Swiss musician Kevin Wettstein has been continuously releasing music since 8 years under the alias «Melodiesinfonie».

Besides putting out numerous EPs and two solo albums he is a relentless live performer. With his third album «A Journey To You» (April 26th 2019, Jakarta Records) he ventures into unknown territories. While his previous releases can be attributed to Hip Hop and beat making, «A Journey To You» retraces Melodiesinfonie’s musical path in the realm of jazz and soul. Long improvisations and playful instrumental passages become decisive style elements that let you dive into sonic landscapes that sound a lot more like a west coast band than a product of Swiss home style studio production.

This aspect will be on display on tour: Melodiesinfonie will be on the road with a 4 piece band for the first time, playing the drums himself. Many of the 12 album titles will be broken open for long improvisations. Improvisations are generally an important component of Melodiesinofnie’s working process. They are starting points and creative playfields for new ideas and structures, which are developed to songs and are refined by guest musicians and vocalists.

The constant search for new ideas, approaches and concepts, in life as in music, is not at all an arbitrary side effect but a desirable objective of the young musician. Albeit the musical reorientation there is a common thread throughout his music: Songs that spread positive vibes and bring people together. «Spread love» - even if the slogan brushes the boundary of kitsch Melodiesinfonie’s music certainly does not. «Spread Love» is his music in its essence. For him the human being is a small component in a blooming reality that transcends time and space: music is a spiritual language that lets the individual connect with this transcendence.
Musically and philosophically he is way more than your average beat maker.