First being praised as an emerging young talent, Zurich youngster Cella has already established himself as an internationally sought-after producer and musician with his mixture of Future Bass and Electronica.

As young as Cella is, he recognizes the power of music as a universal language that transcends all cultural boundaries. He understands the unique human bond shared between all who listen to his songs, and it’s this artistic maturity that shines through each and every warm synth in his productions.

2019 Cella delivered his sophomore EP via Quartz Records / Universal Music. Titled Opportunity Cost, the 2019 effort saw his signature sound come into its own while sonically documenting a tremendous turning point in his career as he began working in music full time the year prior.
With this decision, he didn’t only outdo his previous successes, but also continued his triumphal procession. On Spotify, his "Imperfection" single amassed over 1 Million streams, while the number of monthly listeners now stands at over 110,000. In addition, he performed live at renowned festivals such as the Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands, in front of thousands of enthusiastic spectators at the Zurich Open Air or in clubs in London, Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam.

Cella's fan base is getting bigger. The recognition which he has also received from international genre greats is constantly growing. And inquiries, especially from the large markets for electronic music, are increasing. So it's high time for new, exciting sounds by Cella, which the youngster will undoubtedly deliver in the future.