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Be free. Be kind. This is the philosophy of Austrian-based duo, freekind. The soulful group is composed of Croatian pianist and vocalist Sara Ester Gredelj and Slovenian drummer Nina Korošak-Serčič. They started their collaboration in 2019 with the release of their first single “I’m gonna live”. Mutual love for RnB, Hip-Hop and Soul music and its ability to lift people up and give them hope is what really brought them together.

In 2020 they released their first self-produced EP “not good enough.” An idea that haunts any creator at some point was so overwhelming for the two they had to make a song about it to let go of it. Through the process of making and releasing the EP they hoped to let go of the pessimistic, fearful and doubt-obsessed mind and make space for the creative energy to flow more freely and express themselves fearlessly. They’re currently working on their first full-length album that would reflect that new mindset and promoting the fresh single VISUALIZE.

With their successful live performances on the national radio Val 202, at Ljubljana’s prominent concert venue Kino Šiška, Ljubljana’s festival MENT, as well at festival Waves Vienna and Jazz festival in Zagreb they grew on more than just a few listeners.