Territory: CH

Leoniden have just been nominated as "greates band" for the German Award 1Live-Krone, now they are announcing their third album "Complex Happenings Reduced To A Simple Design" for the 20th August 2021. Due to Corona reasons, the band postpones their tour from spring to September 2021.

"After a very fucked up and complicated year full of crossed plans and cancelled concerts we are absolutely happy that we could proudly announce the most intense and the most complex project we've ever made today: Our new album 'Complex Happenings Reduced To A Simple Design' will be released on 20.08.2021 and can be ordered in our shop. This was the good news, unfortunately there are bad news aswell. You probably guessed it: We have to postpone our tour again. But this has something good too. So we can celebrate our new album directly with us - vis-à-vis, hand in hand and not online via livestream. Friends, this is gonna be a huge party with new songs, a lot of action and a lot of catching up to do in all areas! Tour tickets will of course remain valid."