Territory: CH

Not all was bad in 2020: Newly arrived band SHARKTANK made its first impact with “Washed Up” and combined Indie and Songwriting moods with mellow late 90s HipHop vibes and alluring beats.

The track ended up gaining more than 5000 spins on radios across Europe in the fall of 2020 and more than 500.000 streams on Spotify without any editorial support. “Washed Up” went on to become Number 1 on the charts of highly influential Radio FM4 (Vienna, Austria) and a Top 3 song on the German College Radio Charts.

The trio came together when Mile (the bands MC) went into the studio of producer-guru Marco Kleebauer to record a few songs. Those were eventually released as “Dirty Leaks EP” in spring of 2020, while the producer encouraged Mile to continue working on new songs. Marco made headlines in the past years as one of the main cells of the rising Vienna independent scenes; producing Number 1 records for popular bands from the Germany- Switzerland-Austria-triangle and touring the world with his band, multi-award-winning band Leyya.

When confronted with new songs from Mile, he suggested to add in a female vocalist he had known, to record for a track that eventually became “Washed Up”. 20 year old singer/songwriter Katrin Paucz turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle: The three immediately felt the magic they managed to create and decided that SHARKTANK would become a joint project.

Within a few days they came up with a number of songs that ended up being the EP “Bad Energy” by November 2020. Those seductive offerings included “Too Much”, “Bad Energy” and were followed by the single “For Myself” (Februar 2021), which is already building the bridge towards the bands upcoming debut album and again combining the best of these two worlds.

Katrin and Miles write their own parts of the lyrics; often as counterparts in a dialogue style. The everyday struggle of the hard times almost everyone had in a year like 2020 is an obvious driver for those stories that are closely connected to the authors real life. “For Myself”, for example, tackles the necessity of following oneselfs dreams even at the cost of a troubled relationship.