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AllttA is an electronic/hip hop duo consisting of 20syl and Mr. J. Medeiros. The formula is simple, an innovative mix of organic and electronic music by French super­producer 20syl, laced with the intricate and poetic rhyme­stylings of Los Angeles based rapper, Mr. J. Medeiros.

On their forthcoming “The Upper Hands” album, AllttA proves they’re able to maneuver through genres and touch on the avant­garde without losing their musical identity. The pair met in 20Syl’s hometown of Nantes, France, while Mr. J. Medeiros was touring Europe with his former band, The Procussions. 20Syl was recording his first record with his group, “Hocus Pocus”, and approached the guys about a possible collaboration. With the following tour day off and a mutual friend helping with language translation, the two groups shared sounds and stories that would reveal their mutual passion for music and authenticity. That day The Procussions were featured on, 73 Touches’, title song “Hip Hop”, and Mr. J. and 20Syl have collaborated on each others projects ever since.

Mr. J. Medeiros has been prolific in releasing music both as part of a group and a solo artist. Stepping out on his own with his debut album, “Of gods and girls”, (on Rawkus Records) Mr. J. made a name for himself as a “rappers rapper”. However, as his career evolved, Medeiros expanded his talents into other generes, becoming a producer and song­writer with an M.C.’s mind. This journey includes his role as lead singer of the Hip Hop­Punk group, KNIVES. Be it singing, screaming, or rapping, Mr. J. Medeiros’ song’s are always full of philosophy and introspection. 20syl wrote four albums with his French Hip Hop group, “Hocus Pocus”, both as a rapper and producer. He is also one of four DJ’s in, C2C, a turntablist group which won four DMC world championships and put out a critically acclaimed album titled, “Tetr4”. It was “Tetr4” that earned 20syl four French Grammy’s along with double platinum sales. Since then, 20syl has been developing his solo career as a producer, his remixes of Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, and Schoolboy Q ­ among others­ have garnered tens of millions of streams and a strong audience, growing daily. He dropped his first solo work with two EP’s titled, “Motifs I and II”, electronic style records which feature Hip Hop artists Oddisee and Fashawn. It is obvious upon first listen that 20syl has a passion for the music he makes with well versed abilities to express it. 20syl and Mr. J. Medeiros have been hoping to collaborate on a full project since they met, in 2004.

Spending the past two summers together, between individual projects, we now have the result of their extensive studio sessions and a full length record their fans have been waiting for. Both artists brought the strongest elements of their individual talents to AllttA, pushing each other to create a new sound without losing themselves in the mix. This is what makes AllttA unique, two skilled artists who respect their craft and know when to move forward.