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Coming from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Dagga spent his younger years going to his big brother's raves, absorbing raw techno sounds and futuristic electro from labels of the time, such as gigolo records.

In 2020 he released his first ep, House of Flying Daggers, on Jensen Interceptor's INTERNATIONAL CHROME. A very well-received album to this date, it combines classic electro and fast ghetto, inspired by the early days of dopplerefekt and D.I.E .

Dagga met newcomer artist dj fuckoff and they became a new ghetto duo in electronic music. Together they've delivered ghetto hits
such as "Trick" and "Nasty." Months later, he released the album "Nasty," again on international chrome, making him a full artist for the label. Dagga's work on international chrome has been supported by artists like djgodfather , brodinsky, daria kolosova, animistic belief, luz1e, alienata , dj deeon, egyptian lover, partiboi69, nitefleit, umwelt, and louisahhh, just to name a few.

At the end of 2020 he released his first LP on Mall Grab's Steel City Dance discs, largely a solo record, taking a different approach with 12 track attack full fast techno, old school gabber, breaks, and banging electro. This album is full of nostalgic hip hop samples mixed with 90's ravey sounds. It contains heaters like "move that junk" and "hype and dope."

2021 marked Dagga's debuts on NSA LABEL, JUPITER 8, and SOIL RECORDS, expanding his universe with darker tunes full of ebm tint and futuristic electro, drawing attention from artist like helena hauff, curses, phase fatale, and years of denial.

Dagga's work and DJ sets are constantly rocking dance floors with no holds-barred.