Mavi Phoenix

Territory: CH

The 24-year-old producer, songwriter and performer has generated a buzz across Europe with his live performances. His performances at Great Escape, Primavera Sound, Roskilde and Melt! as well as the UK tour with Jimothy Lacoste have played their part. With his EPs and Singles released so far, Mavi creates a soundscape between pop, hip-hop and electronical sounds.

Mavi Phoenix grew up with his mother in picturesque Linz. "We were a strong team", he says today. "Music was something very special in our home." From a young age, he listened to music that transcended decades and genres. This included the album of Cindy Lauper and Madonna, which were part of his mother's record collection, as well as David Bowie, Queens of The Stone Age, NER*D and Justice, whose records played in his father's car, when he visited him as a child in Vienna.

As an LGBTQIA+ Kid, he dreamed of escaping into a glittering world where he could be free. This urge can be heard in his music. Mavi Phoenix' songs are soundtracks to introverted self-discovery.

At the age of 11 Mavi was gifted with a laptop from his father and built beats and loops in GarageBand, inspired by Foo Fighters and Eminem. "Music was an escape.", Phoenix says. The idea of being a famous musician, having no problems with being who you are and who you love, but just being accepted.

A few years later he posted his tracks online, first on MySpace and later on YouTube. After positive feedback from his friends he started to experimentize and published his self-produced EP My Fault with the age of 17. "The music thing came from me", he says decisively. "Neither my mother nor my father told me to make music. It all happened, because I wanted to."

Releasing music under his own label LLT Records (the name stands for Lovelong Time), Mavi is aiming for an international career on his own terms.