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Produced under Bertrand Burgalat’s label Tricatel and acclaimed by Etienne Daho, the band is in the tradition of French avant-garde. Catastrophe defines its music as a kaleidoscope of musical genres. On stage, every performance is an original sensorial experience.

Founded in 2015, Catastrophe wobbled between three and twenty members. Today the band has found its balance with the seven people who incarnate it best: Pierre, Blandine, Arthur, Bastien, Pablo, Carol and Mathilde.

From intimate shows in small venues and cabarets to performing in some of France’s biggest festivals, Catastrophe has gone a long way.
In 2016, the publication of their manifesto in the French newspaper “Libération” gave rise to many reactions and debate. The lively discussions that followed – sometimes stirring, sometimes stinging – gave Catastrophe the urge to pursue their project and create more and better.

In 2018, their first album “La nuit est encore jeune” was released under Bertrand Burgalat’s label Tricatel. A few months prior an eponym essay was published in collaboration with Fayard/Pauvert edition.

Catastrophe has spent the last year on tour, skimming prestigious scenes (Les Francofolies, We Love Green, Pete the Monkey, La Gaité Lyrique…) all the while performing in places they cherish – museums, abandoned forests, churches, secluded beaches – with the sole purpose of creating out of this world moments and experiences. Whatever the time, whenever the place, Catastophe wishes to offer a momentum of total freedom, risk-taking and alternative possibilities to try and create what has never been done before.