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MILYMA is the multi-linguistic musician, vocalist and producer which is based in the creative city of Basel in Switzerland and was born in Germany to Spanish parents. Her music explores the experimental fringes of pop that nods to hip-hop as well as classical, with her cascading arpeggios at the heart of her music making. Her world building capabilities with both music and visuals, place her amongst avant-pop creators like FKA Twigs and Smerz. Her intricate and intoxicating productions show us that MILYMA is already a master of her craft, bringing her thrilling EP 321? to the table. 321? is the debut EP from MILYMA, released on Foundation FM Records.

MILYMA comes from dance which gave her a specific relation to music what made her listen to a lot of electronic hip hop instrumentals. With dance the interest grew to listen to all kind of experimental music and learning the history of the dance styles and the music. During her child- and teenagehood she played classical piano and started to experiment with music software’s when she was about 15 and bought her first synthesizer with 18. In the beginning she denied to work with producers as she wanted to learn how to produce by herself and not depend on other musicians. So mostly it was learning by doing, creating her own musical world for the past 6 years. We can hear more complexity in her music-production and more self-confidence in her musical style over the past years.