Avalanche Kaito

Territory: DE | AT

In 2018, a Burkinabe griot meets the Brussels noise post-punk duo Le jour du seigneur. It’s a completely new alloy and it’s also a huge opportunity to deconstruct knowledge and create a brand new playing field. After a few adventures in the scenes of the European underground, singer / poly instrumentalist Kaito Winse and drummer / pure dataist Benjamin Chaval (Bargou 08, Le jour du seigneur) invite Nico Gitto (Facteur Cheval, Zoft, Why The Eye ?) on guitar. They will develop a crazy universe between experiments without a net and incredible postmodern grooves. This is truly the world as it is: a world of travelers who meet. Like Kaito, they can both claim to be guardians of tradition and curious about all combinations. Others, like Benjamin or Nico, are more the kind of multikulti. They share a desire to reinvent. They are ready to follow the backwater where it will move according to climate changes. It's a world of movement and too bad for those who are afraid. They’ve recorded an album in October 2020, to be released via GLITTERBEAT on 7th June 2022.

The trio mostly play Kaito's compositions, each making sure to write their part very freely. At the end all compositions are collective. The griot handles proverbs. These are the pillars of wisdom. He can both murmur and harangue, while his intense flute solos come straight from a free jazz he never knew. Nico brings this very rare quality of being both able to ensure the groove of a very uncommon rhythmic barytone guitar and develop sophisticated sound experiences. Benjamin plays his destroy drums with two cut pieces of brush handle. Also he provides an important Pure Data electronic part partially controlled by triggers, a real fourth wheel to the coach.

BENJAMIN CHAVAL - After graduating from Conservatory, and a cabinetmaking CAP, Benjamin has been performing as a drummer in many orchestras from jazz to experimental music. He then moved on to groups combining both improvisation and writing. Over the years, at the same time as he moved towards other stage experiences, he integrated elements of electronics into his music. Today his tools range from a simple piece of wood to Pure Data software. Benjamin has been part of such diverse bands as Bargou 08 (with Sofyann Ben Youssef), Scarlett O’Hanna, Le jour du seigneur (with Arnaud Paquotte) or Zoho with Aymeric De Tapol, Arnaud Paquotte, Grégory Duby.

NICO GITTO - Guitarist, bassist and percussionist, he shines in many projects of the Brussels underground scene, such as Why The Eye?, Zoft, Scraboutcha, Facteur Cheval. His vocabulary is based as much on a solid sense of rhythm and unstoppable grooves as on a love of advanced sound research. He leads “D.I.Y” construction workshops (“cheap microphones” ; construction of instruments inspired by “lutherie sauvage”). He draws his inspiration from free improvisation techniques, various studio recordings and soundpainting to develop a conducting system for a wild percussion ensemble.

KAITO WINSE comes from a Burkina Faso griot music family. From an early age he was raised in the traditions of his family in the village of Lankoué, Sourou region in the north of Burkina Faso. He is now living in Brussels, Belgium. He is the spokesperson for a singular and complex poetic universe. His powerful and bewitching voice recalls the intensity of opera technique and invites you to listen to messages that carry ancestral truths. Kaito plays multiple instruments ranging from vocals to the calabash, including the mouth bow, kora and tama. He invokes the different popular, praising or festive rhythms through his instruments. His music is a unique experience where musical codes shatter to find themselves at the crossroads of traditional, learned and popular music. In March 2020, recently installed in Brussels, he was selected as part of the Matongé Sounds artist support program organized by Muziekpublique. Kaito has released his debut album Kaladounia via Rebel Up, a 60 minutes solo recorded live where his a cappella voice is gently suported by his traditional instruments.