Nicolas Winding Refn’s recent film, “Drive” operates on a level of cool that’s hard to articulate with just words; it takes a snippet from the movie, take the opening credits backed by Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’, to really grasp it’s effortless debonair. Since the film’s September release, this single’s Youtube video has climbed to over 15 million views, and has been on repeat across an expanse of playlists, always fueling the after-after party with the slow burn of glossed synth echoes.

Kavinsky is not all about Nightcall. He died in a car crash in 1986, whilst driving his beloved Testarossa. He re-appeared as a zombie in 2005, with his 12-inch, Teddy Boy. Since then, he has shown up all around the globe, playing his music to fellow humans. Crowds gathered to witness the miracle: despite being dead, Kavinsky was still alive.

In 2007, he released his second 12-inch, ‘1986’. This is when his French robot mates in Daft Punk invited him to join their ‘Alive Tour’, and A-Trak put together an American Tour. After discovering the world with his red eyes, Kavinsky retreated to his base camp to release ‘Nightcall’ in 2011, and has now put the final touch to his debut album. This album is now announced for a world release in September 2012, and ‘Roadgame’ is the first extract from it.