Bagarre invites us into its CLUB: without limits, without fron8ers, without genre, without stage or pit, and where freedom is total. For BAGARRE, the party is combative, where you mix and mingle, and are free to be whoever you want, however you want. Musically, the five members remain faithful to their love for the chaos of internet music, music that makes bodies dance and subs vibrate, moving from rap to baile funk while allowing themselves detours into "happycore" with lyrics that s8ll cry out for love and the pain of the present 8me. Each track is a hope, a struggle to free oneself, and BAGARRE's "self-managed clubbing" brings to life the tenacious, idealistic dream of an ever more open and diverse society. And if the party is a political place, Bagarre never ceases to proclaim: "No one has the right to tell you who you are".