Territory: CH

Oehl - the Austro-Icelandic duo around songwriter Ari Oehl and the multi-instrumentalist Hjörtur Hjörleifsson - is danceable rhythms interwoven with Nordic melancholy. Oehl is at the same time danceable and picturesque, engaging and present. Once in the ear, always in the ear.

Ariel and Hjörtur got to know each other in 2007 at a party in Salzburg (Austria). After they watched each other's career from afar, they began to make music together in the summer of 2016.
As a basis for the musical collaboration Ariel collected German lyrics and song ideas. But only since the cooperation with Hjörtur a certain satisfaction arose. In the early summer of 2017, Oehl got together with Marco Kleebauer (Leyya, Ant Antic, Karma Art) as their producer who is equally enthusiastic about the Oehl project and perfectly complements the creative team with his input.