Feder doesn’t do things like everyone else. In 2015, it was the captivating "Goodbye" that Hadrien Federiconi chose as his introduction to the public. And it was a great choice, as his first single, far from being a farewell, quickly ranked No.1 on iTunes in 22 countries and sat firmly at the top of Shazam France for 7 weeks in a row (a record for 2015). Since then, Feder has established himself as an essential pillar of French electro. His magic recipe remains unchanged today: Thoughtful beats, addictive melodies and an innate sense of twisted synth sounds.

While current productions tend to appeal with their simplicity, the producer from Nice takes the opposite view from his peers, intellectualising his music, putting it through the mixer, embellishing it with sounds ever more convoluted and esoteric than the last for a result that’s both accessible and terribly mesmerising. A formula that pays off, as demonstrated by the immediate success of the titles 'Lordly' (official anthem of the Handball World Championship) and 'Breathe', from the EP of the same name, along with a clip by British avant-garde photographer Rankin. An artist with a strong, polished, captivating image.
Building on these successes, Hadrien Federiconi then decided to take up a new challenge by teaming up with the young generation of electro, Jen Jis, to produce 'Keep Us Apart', whose sound intelligently plays with the artistic lines of the two producers. He then continued to surprise his audience by producing 6 tracks this time for the new album by Mylène Farmer, the French performer who sold the most records (more than 30 million) and holder of the record number of diamond discs. Then it was in hip-hop influences that Feder sought inspiration in the company of Dan Caplen (voice of the world hit 'These Days' by Rudimental Macklemore & Jess Glyne) and Bryce Vine on Control. He then continued on a title with the rapper Sadek for a completely offbeat tribute to the French capital, Parigo. This unique collaboration combines the influences of the two artists, a frenetic electro production and a chiselled text to paint an idle picture of a modern Paris.

Now with 900 million streams on the platforms and 300 million Youtube views, and always eager for new collaborations, Feder constantly proves that he’s not just a DJ but a complete producer artist, from the studio to the stage.

He’s back in 2022 with a great new hybrid piece, with synth-wave accents, which augurs in a new musical chapter for the artist. With "Strangers", Feder offers us a title of irresistible elegance, always with his innate talent for twisted synth sounds.