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Fulmine is the release of liquid molecules and darker hopes, myths, and contradictions of characters staged in a trashy soap opera composition. Slices of transformation and a grinding sound of self are articulated, a change of cardinality like a calculation of finite possibilities. Fulmine, is the solo project of Rebecca Solari (Amsterdam / Fribourg), performer, artist, and musician working around the false creation of myth with a turtle in soup, chewing gum in compost, and lightning in a swamp becoming wheels and trains and water and explosions.

Fulmine is a project that began at the absurd moment when I was literally struck by lightning at a concert in 2021. The name of the project: "Fulmine" comes from Latin and means "lightning" in Italian and "fulminer" (from the verb fulminer) in French, means to grow, to speak loudly and quickly, to get angry, to shout. Since 2023, Fulmine has been my solo project, in which I write, compose, and direct sound performances. Based on scripts that tell three different narratives that eventually transform into a single one. The musicians or performers or microphones that are invited to play with me during the various performances play one of the roles in the script and transcribe their role in the story into a variety of sounds. Apart from the instruments used by the musicians, I composed a basic sound structure from a second script. Each character becomes a rhythm with various pre-recorded instruments or a melody. In this project, staging and lyrics play a key role. The performances take the form of a drone-noise monologue in Ticinese and Italian dialects.