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Goldkimono is a vibe. A frequency, to be more specific. Sonic vibrations moving through the airwaves to the beat of 90s hip-hop at the speed of island time. Call it a feeling, an aesthetic, or a mood, to Dutch producer/writer/artist Tienus Konijnenburg, “It’s all energy.” Waves gently washing over the sand, a skateboard wheel hitting the pavement on the Venice Beach boardwalk, steel strings moving against the wood of his guitar - the sound of Goldkimono is tangible.

His debut single “To Tomorrow,” produced by Crada (Drake, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar) is the perfect introduction to the project’s intention, “It’s traveler’s music,” says Tienus. After leaving home to travel the world upon high school graduation, Tienus spent his young adult years exploring foreign cultures, living out of hostels, playing in bands and writing songs. “To Tomorrow” listens like a love letter to his time living in Venice, California where skating, making music, and hanging by the beach with friends flowed like the carefree feeling of youth. The song’s melody breathes life into nostalgic lyrics that ultimately ground its listener in the present moment. The songwriter’s success, whose credits include Kygo’s “Firestone,” is found in his perspective, viewing music as a resource rather than a product.

“Music is life giving. It’s like water. Water seeps through and brings life to everything,” says Tienus. “That's what music does for me. Music is the perfect artform, because it catches all the senses. It triggers your imagination and goes straight into the system. It’s a magical thing,
so abstract but so concrete. This wonderful yin-yang like two magnetic fields that keep you engaged.”

Music captured Tienus’ imagination from before he can remember. His mom tells the story of the first time his family visited their neighbor’s house who owned a piano. At three years old, Tienus headed straight for the instrument totally enamored with curiosity. When the woman of the house passed away her husband gifted the piano to Tienus and his family. Encouraged by his mother, he began classical piano lessons at age five in his hometown outside of Amsterdam. A dedicated student, he shifted course upon hearing Freddy Mercury from a friend’s tape deck. “I rebelled against classical music which took me to blues and blues improvisation. I followed my joy.” Inspired by acts like Queen and later Wutang Clan, groups who created entire worlds within a single song, Tienus’ eclectic musical taste is an extension of his diverse relationships, experiences, and style. Breaking out of the more institutionalized framework of traditional society, Tienus followed his joy around the world opening his mind to the endless possibilities of a global mindset. “If you gain perspective you never lose anything,” he says. Inspired by unity and the need for more of it, the Goldkimono project is driven by Tienus’ desire to spread positive intention.

“It goes further than music. Music is the vehicle. We share everything, we share the air, the trees, the same molecules, the same atoms, we are all connected,” says Tienus. “Behind every piece of music is a person and an intention. To me it’s all about grabbing that intention and my

own personal experience and using my vehicle to uplift people. The frequency of that intention will come through the speakers. Once somebody presses play, something happens to their system.” The Goldkimono vibe is the energy the world needs right now. Catch the feeling.

“What do I want people to feel? I want people to feel good. I don't want to bring them down, I want to build them up. I want to be in service of that - in service to people through music.”