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1974, Alain Mion gathers around him, five of the most talented young French jazz musicians of the time: Alain Gandolfi on drums, Jean Grevet on bass, Alain Labib on alto sax and Mireille Dalbray on vocal.

July 1975, Cortex records in 2 days in Paris, the legendary album TROUPEAU BLEU which will become a world jazz funk reference with psychedelic lyrics.

1975 to 1981, Cortex toured in France, Belgium, Switzerland, performing on national TV and radio programs, recording 3 other albums and 2 singles :
Volume 2, Pourquoi, I Heard a Sigh ( Inédits 79), Les Oiseaux Morts, Californie/Caribou

In 1981 The band dissolved and Alain Mion began a new career under his name, playing and recording from USA to China, from Sweden to Moroco, Poland, Belgium, Swiss, UK, Italy etc.

2009 – 2021 in the US, in France and in Japan, the titles written by Alain Mion for Cortex are sampled more and more by the international stars of Rap and Hip-Hop (Rick Ross, Tyler, MF Doom, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Lupe Fiasco etc…).

More than 180 samples of songs by Alain listed on