Territory: CH

Rock music is dead? Not with this band. No one has reimagined and reinvented rock music over the past ten years as radically as Bilderbuch. After the band was initially founded in 2005 as a school band, it was continuously restructured over the years up until 2012 when it found its current line-up with singer and guitarist Maurice Ernst, guitarist Michael Krammer, bassist Peter Horazdovsky and drummer Philipp Scheibl.

With the albums "SCHICK SCHOCK" and "Magic Life" Bilderbuch then deconstructed their former indie rock character by integrating RnB, hip-hop and resounding topics of their generation into an ingeniously casual Dada aesthetic.

From then on, the sky was the limit. Bilderbuch had created an enormous playing field of experimentation for themselves which they would then explore in all conceivable directions in the years to come. With the digital double release "mea culpa" and " Vernissage My Heart" Bilderbuch integrated soft psychedelic soul and art pop, while on the current album ,"Gelb ist das Feld" (Yellow is the Field), they indulge in music akin to that of seventies rock.

Today, this band can do all the aforementioned styles, and much, much more (we haven’t even talked about disco, two-step, and above all: hooks, hooks, hooks), then, tirelessly combining them with the band’s unique pop flair and signature sound. After all, at the end of the day everything they do is, first and foremost: Bilderbuch. This is of course in great part due to the texts by Maurice Ernst, once described by "Der Spiegel" as "alternating between zeitgeist aphorisms, Dada and Checker pose".

There is no other band which compares to this one, in or beyond the German-speaking world. Bilderbuch has taken the concept of the band as a friends-gang, with extravagance, glamour and never-ending inspiration, into the digital space. And whenever we think we've just figured them out, they're already somewhere else entirely – like with the psychedelic vibe of the current Bilderbuch EP "Softpower".

There's really only one thing on every new Bilderbuch release: hits.