crème solaire

Territory: DE | AT | CH

1 The electro punk glitch hop absurd pop duo from Fribourg Crème solaire releases their second album entitled "Pannenstreifen ist ohne pic-nic". With 13 tracks (including the singles Autobahn/Autobahn and Live/Like) written in 5 different languages, Crème solaire offers an ecliptic sound universe in an aesthetic of car racing with moderate speed.

2 "Pannenstreifen ist ohne pic-nic", which means "emergency lane without picnic", uses the theme of the freeway as a metaphor for a clean, small, accessible, concrete Switzerland, always under construction - a Switzerland that hides the various problems by beautiful roads and light tunnels. Crème solaire, which retains its DIY aspect influenced by the punk movement, lies between music and performance. "Pannenstreifen ist ohne pic-nic" is inspired by the frontality of Nina Hagen, the approach of Philippe Catherine, the layers of Prodigy, the arrogance of Sexy Sushi, the brutality of Jpeg Mafia, the experimentation of Meredith Monk and French chanson with classics such as "Jardin d'hiver" by Henri Salvador. Crème solaire allows itself an improbable mix with absurd electro punk pop rendering by always daring to assert a certain softness. This strange duo composed of Rebecca Solari (Olivone, Fribourg, Zürich) and Pascal Stoll (Fribourg) grows up to take part in the world by playing between pre-established and defined codes to attract, confront, and take their place in the Swiss music scene.

3 In our first single/clip "Autobahn/Autobahn", Crème solaire has fun and exclaims in a solitary acceleration of a dawn with reflections of nostalgia and freedom. In love with a sweet sarcasm in front of the unreal world of social networks exalting the impossible self-representation of a universe of "fame", Crème solaire presents its single "Live/Like" in a catchy universe completed by the super "punchline" of the album: "Plus de vues que Jesus". Following the album "Bleu c'est bien" (Self-produced, 2019) and the EP "Bébé? (AuGeil Records, 2020), the album "Pannenstreifen ist ohne pic-nic", composed of 13 tracks was recorded in different places including "La Prise" (Neuchâtel) and "Les Suites du Pantographe" (Crémines) and will be represented by the labels AuGeil Records (Frauenfeld) and We Don't Make It Records (Fribourg). The mixing (David Brodard) and the mastering (Lad Agabekov) allowed the realization of the Vinyl (visual concept by Thalles Piaget and Samia Charef) which contains an edition of images as well as a booklet that transcribes the album release in the form of a play.