Karma Sheen

Territory: DE | AT | CH

Karma Sheen; an International Hindustani Classical Psychedelic rock group based in London. The band is spearheaded by Sameer Khan, who from a very young age had been exposed to the Hindustani classical music tradition of Pakistan. In particularly the Shaam Chaurasi Gharana (School of Thought). Soon after he began formal training from Ustaad Latafat Ali Khan, the master of the Khayal and Ghazal forms. With the help of his companions, they create an eclectic mix of 60's/70's psychedelia whilst over and under, runs through Hindustani classical sounds and Sufi inspired lyrics that complete the psychic fuzz toned sound that is Karma Sheen. Ready to deliver their music to the rest of the world, enticing the masses into psychedelic trips, deep bass driven rhythmic beats with a force and demand that calls to the mountain tops. Meet them there. Karma Sheen’s Raag and Roll sound effectively combines the energy, passion and devotion found in both Hindustani Classical music and Rock n Roll, with an energy that is carried into their live shows that just keeps getting better and better.