Tutti Bounce

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What does it sound like when three members of Seeed chase after their love of hiphop and Caribbean music? Well, it’s pretty simple: it bounces and is TUTTI!! The proof is when Tchamp, Based und El Gris, the core of Tutti Bounce, compiled their energetic Summer 2022 EP “Jackie”.
The first sketches were created during the last Seeed production for "Bam Bam". “We realised during those sessions that the three of us really harmonized well together and shared a similar musical vision”, said the band. “We wanted to keep these four gems as pure instrumentals but add additional tracks with vocalists down the line.”

To round out the sound, they added Dirk Berger of the Krauts to the band. The modern Afro-vibes and dark’n' heavy hiphop beats set the perfect stage for Berger’s psychedelic guitars to flourish.
"Grabbing effects from a gaming console, and adding Fire Dubs and alarms", says the trio whom have been playing with Seeed for as long as they can remember, „is not only part of the great legacy of Jamaican Soundsystems, but fundamental to the sound of Tutti Bounce!“