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Territory: DE | AT | CH

Bored by the limits of western rock music, the Baselers immerse themselves in polyphonic world music and question common musical structures of their previous artistic work. The musicians weave this diversity of genres and cultural identities into an urgent and at the same time playful musical firework.

The energetic psychedelic world rock of Saitün is already making people sit up and take notice shortly after their formation in 2018. Without being much traceable on the internet, there is a first media echo and the Baselers play their way through renowned Swiss clubs and festivals in 2019 and share their stage with The Heavy (UK) or The Mystery Lights (US), or others.

The debut album Al'Azif (in English: the humming) will be released in January 2022 on their own label mon petit canard. A powerful first album from a band that is yet to be heard of.