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MC Yallah, real name Yallah Gaudencia Mbidde, who was born in Kenya and grew up in Uganda, has been in the East African underground hip-hop scene for nearly 20 years. On stage, she delivers a high energy performance and stands out with a bright, colourful aesthetic. As a self-described "conscious rapper," her content draws from real-life experiences and social observations. But she doesn't shy away from calling out the bullshit and asserting her hard-earned position as one of the best in Uganda. However, what really sets MC Yallah apart, and what shines through on her 2019 EP, Kubali, is her signature style: a rapid, tightly controlled flow delivered in one or more of four languages (Kiswahili, Luganda, English and Luo). The lyrical lioness is now touring worldwide and has been featured in recent collaborations with Duma, Mdou Moctar, Eomac and DJ Scotch Rolex on their acclaimed Tewari project.

Kubali was on Mixmag's album of the decade list; Tewari the project with Scotch Rolex was #7 on the quietus end of year list, and on the Wire end of year lists. In 2022 she will release ehr new album with Ugandan label Nyege Nyege Tapes and then embark on a 3 album journey with Matad

During her off time Yallah spends time with her two sons and supports the local hiphop community through workshops, mentoring and concerts. She will release an album in 2022 with Nyege Nyege then in 2023 she will embark on a 3 album journey with Matador and takes over the US.