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Best known by his last name, Cristian Dinamarca is a Stockholm-based producer, DJ and Staycore co-owner. He does everything from the motto behind the label that he runs together with Ghazal: “staying true to your core”. Right in the core is also where Dinamarca’s atmospheric music hits; like watching a beautiful sunset, or reminiscing childhood memories. The latter is where he seems to draw part of his inspiration from, as his work often contains reworked elements of late 1990’s to early 2000’s Trance and pop culture. Although emotive, Dinamarca keeps his productions dance floor-fitted, often influenced by percussion-heavy Latin and Caribbean genres thanks to Cristian’s own Chilean roots. Merging all these influences together was exactly what kick-started his international career in 2017 when he released Himnos. His EP with edits of classic Trance tracks, including ATB’s ‘9PM’ and PPK’s ‘Resurrection’, instantly became a favourite of many DJs world wide. Dinamarca himself soon followed and has played an impressive list of clubs and festivals from Tokyo to Mexico City, and all around Europe. In the past years, Dinamarca has moved from a more sample and computer-based technique into incorporating hardware and instruments such as analog synths and guitars. Fantasilandia (2019) was the first album that showcased this approach, which has now become his signature sound; atmospheric, dreamy, danceable, and with a whiff of rave elements. Around the same time he started collaborating with vocalists. He recreated a vocalized version of his 2018 album Sol De Mi Vida for which he worked together with Eartheater, Ms. Nina, and COUCOU CHLOE among others. Considering his latest and upcoming work, Sol De Mi Vida (Vocalized) now seems like an omen of what was to come. For his most recent release, Is It Real, he joined forces with singer La Favi to create an EP of rhythmic emotional anthems, including a touching reimagination of a classic Spanish lullaby in ‘Sana Sana’. Is It Real is a perfect example of the many exciting collaborations and genre-crossing projects Dinamarca will share with the world soon.