Walter Frosch

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Walter Frosch have a similar effect on music listeners as doping has on
athletes : stimulating and euphoric. Their music emphasizes moods and
intensifies dance movements without being profane or superficial for
even a millisecond. The songs have depth, and are cleverly arranged.
What is the secret of the duo that inspires us so much with wave and
Mike Saxer and Rune Dahl Hansen don't care much about the mechanisms of the
music business. Why should they? Those who produce such great music with the
most modest possibilities, book all concerts themselves and can't complain about
a lack of requests and leave happy faces in the audience even when it's pouring
down rain, need neither communication concepts nor marketing strategies. They
simply have the right feeling.
This feeling can also be heard on the five new tracks on the EP "A Sea of Broken
Light". The first song, "Forever", starts with a catchy bass line, and you're already
in the middle of this hymn of wave, synth arpeggios, a well-dosed load of drum
machine claps and a dense sound carpet. Nothing is overloaded or even
superfluous, and Rune Dahl Hansen sings not about disco balls and YOLO feelings,
but of broken hearts and existential angst. "New Dawn", the second song release,
races in just under two and a half minutes from the first ominous note to the last, a
dark prophecy, in which, however, glam sparkles again and again. "Last Year"
brings reconciliation, "Gestures" is a longing announcement and comes completely
without a beat, before the EP finds its end with "Alone Again", another
sensationally dense pop song.
The two musicians, who come from the Schaffhausen DIY scene, already toured
Europe with their hardcore band YC-CY before they founded the duo Walter Frosch,
named after the legendary footballer. Inspired by the sound of the 60s and 70s,
with fresh ideas and the simplest means, their first album "Diskothekenbesitzer"
(2020) was born. The first few hundred copies were sold out in no time. Two years
later "Under A Spell" was released, numerous concerts followed, in Germany they
opened numerous shows for Edwin Rosen, who is probably the most prominent fan
of Walter Frosch since then - the press photos of Walter Frosch were also taken by
him. In February 2023 Walter Frosch toured along the North American west coast.
Before, during and after that the five songs were written, which are now collected
and released as EP "A Sea Of Broken Light" on Irascible Records.