Planet Battagon

Planet Battagon are innovators in Droid Jazz. Electronics, jazz and outer-national sounds ain’t no new thing. But following in the extra terrestrial sounds and cosmic mythology of Sun Ra Planet Battagon are not reaching for the cosmos but simply made of it. Droid consciousness is the starting point but what’s consciousness got to do with it. The droid’s need culture, music and art and of the highest and most experimental of that lies Droid Jazz.

Originating on Lord Battagon’s home planet the group are documenting the folklore and jazz stylings of the Trans-neputnia neighbourhood out on the edgelands of the solar system. This debut release follows on from a Lord Battagon outing on the Atlantic Jaxx label.

The Noise Droids of Planet Battagon are:
Jack Baker - Acoustic Drums
Martin Slattery- Bass Clarinet,Alto Sax & FX
Oli Savill - Percussion
Mickey Ball - Trumpet
Nathan Curran (Tugg) Synth Bass,Syn Drums,FX & Conductor