Peaking Lights DJ Set

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Territory: DE | AT | CH

Aaron Coyes is a DJ, musician and producer who has been playing with esoteric sounds since the mid 90’s. For the last 10 years he has been one half of the experimental electronic duo Peaking Lights, who have toured extensively and released 5 albums to date - most recently an EP in 2018 on Dekmantel with an LP to follow in early 2020. He has toured under the name PLSD, a live dance/experimental solo project, and is also known for his work in Leisure Connection, Image Club and countless remixes - with releases on Golf Channel, Rush Hours’ No Label, Dekmantel, Especial, ESP Institute and many more.

Having a deep love of electronic sounds, in the late 90’s Coyes quit playing in punk and
goth bands to focus on purely esoteric and electronic music. Coyes figured out how to
mangle garbage electronics to make some weird ass noise, and began a long dive into
tape machine manipulation, programming and building electronics. He continues to use
hardware in his live performances: using drum machines, MPC, synths, samplers, tapes
and noise machines with a focus on using the mixing board as an instrument itself -
dubbing and remixing tracks live. The live sets have a life of their own, influenced by
Dub, Industrial, Kozmische, Experimental, Electronic, EBM, Techno, early House,
Wave, heavy percussion and general out there sounds.

Until his 2019 move to Amsterdam, Coyes resided in Los Angeles and was a staple Dj on
Dublab radio since 2012 with his weekly show Analogue Players Club, and had a stint on
NTS with the all Reggae and Dub show Rockers Delight. He was a resident Dj at the Los
Angeles hi-fi bar Gold Line run by Peanut Butter Wolf of Stones Throw, where his nights
are all electronic, EBM, industrial, experimental and punk leaning dance tunes.

Known for having developed his own sound, from dj sets to remixes to productions, his
work has seen significant time on dance floors, played by dj’s like Harvey, Justin Strauss,
Lovefingers, Midland and Lena Willikens to name a few. Always keeping it weird and
trying to steer clear of the herd, his dj sets are no exception. They’re always a push and
pull with a passionate tension and a love of providing a one of a kind experience. His dj
sets are punk in nature, chuggy in heart and throbbing in body. Vibing the fuck out of a
room, he can play upbeat and turn the heater up for some sweaty action like his last set at
Panorama Bar or play slow mid-tempo, chuggy and heavy like his set at Salon Des
Amateurs. His sets are always very percussive and laden with beautiful noise and texture!

Dj sets have gone down at Dekmantel Boiler Room 2019, Dekmantel Selectors, Beat
Hotel Glastonbury, Salon Des Amateurs, Panorama Bar, Plastic People, Red Light Radio
at Dekmantel, Rush Hour Records, Far Away, Dig Deeper, Coma Party at Distortion, Off
festival, Beats in Space, Lente Kabinet, Phonica, Sonar, NRMAL, Output, Rhonda, ADE
and many underground parties.