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Territory: DE | AT | CH

German-Canadian outfit Monako might be one of the few upcoming artists that actually don’t fit into one musical niche - when they say so. The sonic experience ranges from Canadian inspired folk, to grooved up R’n’B tunes, finest indie-rock melancholia but also intelligently built neo-jazz tracks - just to name a few. Originating from several projects (Anoraque, Der Ringer, N NAO, Stroem, Nihiling, re:dasein) they see themselves as an interdisciplinary working collective operating between Montreal and Hamburg. With their debut self-titled EP (14.12.18) and the sophomore EP “Take Care” (17.01.20) they’ve proved their very own unique sound and an excellent taste in creating their own visual world around each project. Something that also caught the attention of US-American artist Vagabon, who invited Monako to be the only feature on her critically acclaimed self-titled LP (2019) - which put Monako on the radar of Pitchfork, The New Yorker and Complex UK. By now counting almost 2 Mio. Spotify plays, more than 60 shows and 3 support-tours through Austria, Germany and Switzerland - MONAKO is currently working on a musical short movie featuring (musical and visual) artists from Germany, Canada and the US - including artist friend Vagabon.

All that roots back to when Sadek Massarweh – born and raised in Canada – came to Hamburg in his early 20s to study, he met Jakob Hersch with whom he started to jam regularly, slowly finding their sound. Montreal singer Naomie De Lorimier who at that time lived in Berlin joined the duo and together they laid down the foundation of what would later become Monako. But the collective only came into full bloom when Valentin Hebel, Jan-Hendrik Schnoor and Pamier Hilal one by one found their way into the project and complemented the sound.