Maloon TheBoom

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Maloon TheBoom has always been exposed to artistic expression and the creative process. His father is a visual artist, and Maloon grew up witnessing the full life cycle of art, from humble initiation on a blank canvas in a living room, to a beautiful painting hanging in a crowded gallery. Records could also be found spinning 24/7 in TheBoom household, and a young Maloon was greatly influenced by the constant bombardment of music by the likes of Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Howlin Wolf, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Joy Divsion, and others. As well as his formative paternal roots in art, his yoga teacher mother, of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, instilled a spiritual outlook of life. Always encouraged to think positively and critically before blindly accepting societal norms, Maloon developed a very outside the box mentality from a young age.

Indirectly following in his father’s artistic footsteps, Maloon pursued the art of music by playing the guitar since he was 13 and starting to make beats at age 15. Since then he has immersed himself in the global hip hop scene by founding Boyoom Connective with Melodiesinfonie - with whom he released the “Swacle EP” - and working with various international artists such as Black Vulcanite(Nam) and Jay Prince (UK) as well as his own solo instrumental projects. His recent projects with YoungtsaCpt (SA) and Nonku Phiri(SA) as Malonku strengthens his bond with South Africa where he travels to regularly. With a focus on analog sounds and raw recordings, Maloon’s style ranges from jazzy boom bap to warped futurebeats to tribal rhythms and everything in between. Instrumental music may not explicitly verbalize emotion, but Maloon and Boyoom are firm believers that sound alone can reverberate and harmonize with the frequencies of your soul to “feed your mind with love”.

After releasing so far seven projects on Boyoom he has made an impact on the international beat scene with releases like “The_Bluescreen”, which has been downloaded more than 4500 times on bandcamp and has been heard through speakers as well as live all around the world. Maloon’s solo album titles (Critical Mind & Not About The Money) and the Boyoom mantra “Spread Love” give an indication of his personal philosophy on life and the world. Not content to follow trends or create vapid looped pop beats for cash, Maloon strives to use his music as a vehicle for positivity and open mindedness. Continually building a community with Boyoom Connective, the spreadlove movement is emerging worldwide and spreading love with music. One might say that Maloon is not constrained by the cage of modern mainstream rap, but that would be missing the mark. Maloon has never been tied down by anyone but his own mind, if there are defined boundaries in the mainstream hip hop scene, Maloon doesn’t even bother breaking them, he just freely walks over, around, and through them, paying them no more attention than a tree does to fashion.