Kelly Finnigan & The Atonements

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MONOPHONICS band leader and son of Mike FINNINGAN (organ player for Hendrix, Tracy Chapman, Joe Cocker, Taj Mahal, Eta James...), KELLY FINNINGAN is back on tour in UK/Europe with a very awaited new album under his belt to be released once again, on Colemine Records, one of the hottest label at the moment (Durand Jones, Black Pumas, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio...)
He will tour again with his killer live band THE ATONEMENTS including member of The DAP KINGS, ORGONE, THE TRUE LOVES and obviously MONOPHONICS...
The birth of the soul music revival offered a potent dose of authenticity to an industry watered down by fabricated pop stars. These artists, orchestrated behind the scenes by vinyl collectors turned label heads poured their hearts out on stage and on records, and audiences responded in kind. But what the movement has been missing thus far is an auteur, a visionary that writes, records, performs and produces his own material. Enter Kelly Finnigan.
The California born singer, songwriter, musician, engineer, arranger & producer known as the psych soul band Monophonics front man and co-producer will release his first solo album, The Tales People Tell (Colemine Records), in the Winter of 2019. The ten-song collection is raw and gritty, tender and emotive, lush and symphonic. With Finnigan guiding these songs from their conception at Transistor Sound Studio all the way to the record pressing plant, the new release provides the singular voice missing from soul music.
He might be invoking a golden era of soul music, but Finnigan captures a timelessness that transcends the “retro” label so often cast on music with a gritty aesthetic. Partnering with Terry Cole of rising label Colemine Records was a key part of his upcoming LP —he’s been involved in over a dozen Colemine releases as an engineer, producer, songwriter, instrumentalist and singer. There may not be another album that synthesizes the current soul movement better.