Kai Whiston

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Territory: DE | AT | CH

There’s something painterly about 19 year-old producer Kai Whiston’s hyper-surrealist beat music, with each sound being contorted and manipulated to the point that would rather reflect the mark-making of a ​De Koonin​g piece than any genre-focused electronic scenes. After exploring the ideas of adolescent fury on ‘​Fissure Price​’ EP --Released on Big Dada last year-- and facing the dramas of the UK justice system after a brief false imprisonment, Whiston’s rupturing abrasion refuses to take it’s foot off the pedal. Across 40 minutes, his maximalist pastiche spans across the entire LP, drawing fractured influences from Arca, Hudson Mohawke, Death Grips, Timbaland & even occasionally nu-metal, smashing an entire spectrum of references together. Whiston returns after a plethora of cosigns from the likes of Iglooghost, Noisia, Skrillex, Danny Brown, Kanye West, Anthony Fantano, Mary Anne Hobbs, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and many more. The moombahton inspired ‘​Your Secrets’​ features underground pop specialist Clarence Clarity, whose production was littered all over Rina Sawayama’s acclaimed 2017 project ​RINA​.

In the lead up promotional material for ​Kai Whiston Bitch​, a prologue trailer appears online featuring a flurry of Whiston’s own TMZ-inspired scrappy phone recordings are spliced together with CCTV, stream-of-consciousness ranting and interrogation footage that truly imbody the unsettling attitude of his process. On his debut album, Whiston says “This is the collective pursuit of every irrational primitive desire and instinct that we all face..​ Kai Whiston Bitch​ is my voice of self indulgence that develops beyond any evaluative insight, with every disregard of being civilised. A complete ephemera of shedding, estranging all polite perspectives. Being a dickhead has never felt so romantic.”