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Territory: DE

Feadz started as a scratch DJ in the mid nineties in Paris, and later on got signed to the legendary Ed Banger Records. Production wise, he released four records on Ellen Allien'sBPitch Control between 2001 and 2005, then joined the ED REC family bringing along Uffie and his old pal Mr Oizo.
During the past 10 years Feadz has released music, remixes and production on many labels such as BNR, Mad Decent,Monkeytown and Pellican Fly. His first LP 'Instant Alpha' is out now on Ed Banger Recordings..
As a DJ, Feadz transcends eras and families of electro. From Rap to Techno, from Bpitch to Edbanger, collecting Hip Hop and Dance music knowledge while constantly manifesting an obsessive and child-like tendency to get excited by new music. Feadz is interested in the music of the future, whether it is the future of the 1970's, Detroit's Drexcyian visions of the future, or the future of the top 40.