Clément Bazin

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Territory: DE

With Everything Matters, his debut album, Clément Bazin realizes one of his sweet dreams: to rethink electronic music and integrate the instrument from which he can’t be dissociate anymore, the steeldrum. Through this achievement, he sets bridges between his favorite music genders: calypso, soca, hip-hop or UK post-dubstep from the 2000’s; a synthesis of Machel Montano, J. Dilla, D’Angelo and James Blake.
Clément Bazin was ten years old when he discovered the steeldrum, instrument coming from Trinidad and Tobago, during a neighborhood party. He instantly fell in love with the instrument and this very particular sound which didn’t leave his mind ever since.

After releasing his first two EPs “Inner Voices” and “Night Things”, stating his producer talents, he shapes his idea to include the steeldrum in his compositions, giving modernity and a new perspective to his music.
In 2016, the idea became reality with Return To Forever, his first EP released on Nowadays Records (Fakear, La Fine Equipe etc…), mixing the steeldrum with dancing house music. The single “With You” quickly gathered a lot of plays (8 millions to this day).
During the following months, he multiplies prestigious live performances with opening acts of Fakear’s and Petit Biscuit’s Zenith Tours (8K capacity venues), a small English tour on his own, and acclaimed performances at Les Vieilles Charrues(FR), the Sziget Festival (HUNG), the MEG Montreal Festival (CAN) and the Paleo Festival (CH) and a sold out Gaieté Lyrique (Paris 1k capacity).

Through his live performances, Clément Bazin’s music reaches a whole new dimension by being rich without being arrogant, groovy without rupturing ones eardrum, and especially relying on a balance between razor sharp beats and more organic sounds.
The same year, he won the FAIR and Adami Talents awards and asserts his love for hip hop with Us, a new EP in which the single “Distant” featuring the American singer Lia already reached 8 millions plays.
“With You” et “Disant” are the first two stones paving the way of Everything Matters, rich and plural album in its way of seeing a dancefloor mixing euphoria and nostalgia where the smiles are tainted of melancholia. Cold instrument with a warm sound, the steeldrum, such as Clément Bazin’s album, carries a duality between colored waves and emotional luggage.

The album was naturally made from both sides of the Atlantic after his concert at the MEG Montreal Festival which allowed Clément Bazin to met with the hip hop band Ragers and several artists surrounding them such as the singers Aaricia and Lia or the MCs ZéFire and JT Soul. A scene so exciting that he came back a year later to record all the featurings of Everything Matters within a few days.
The other part of the album was recorded in his Parisian studio, where he dressed it with this tribal sensuality and heady gimmicks that give the album its specific character and shaded moods. The tracks tell us about a spontaneous and casual love declaration (“Catch Me” feat Aaricia), a hypnotic ballad tainted of nostalgia (“That Feeling”); an exotic and languid atmosphere (“Romeo”), or a solar and exalted passion (“Ride” feat Lia).
Everything Matters, because of its diversity, confirms the talents of Clément Bazin as a beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist.

Between syncopated rhythmic, voice distortions and heady beats, Clément Bazin draws an electronic music made of tropical textures and subtle soul music excursions, built around a steeldrum that fully bloom in this clever mix between organic and analogic and that, as a symbol, take the stage front and the first part of the act just before the end.