Melodiesinfonie & Friends

While Jazz is definitely the teacher when it comes to Melodiesinfonie's music and Dilla is one of his biggest influences, Melodiesinfonie always has been a free spirit creating his very own music unaffected from the boundaries of musical genres:
Being a son of a jazz record collector, having played drums in a couple of psych kraut rock bands in his early years, he has now, few years later and after numerous releases on labels like Soulection, Jakarta, Melting Pot Music or his own imprint Boyoom Connective - including 2 Albums, 5 EPs and countless free online releases - established himself as one of todays most promising and challenging producers.
He made himself a name as the guy with the SP, going on for hours and making the crowd not only dance, but being blown away with his really unique skills on this small machine. It was all about live beat making. Either in his bedroom, the studio, or on stages all around the globe. Now after years of touring with his SP404 and shows in South Africa, Germany, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and many other countries, he has decided to move on.
It felt like the right next step to not throw away that drum machine, but to form a Band around it and give the whole Melodiesinfonie thing more room to develop: Asé on Vocals, Paul Mark on Bass, Jamie Wazz on Keys, Matiolo Urbanauic on Trumpet, his Boyoom Connective labelmate Miles Singleton on Guitar and himself on drums / drum machine.

Having all these talents sharing the stage with him will allow Melodiesinfonie to explore new musical territories and perform his music in a completely new way which will most likely blow your mind as they demonstrated with the first ever band performance in Zurich in November 2017, sharing the stage with the great Yussef Dayes.