Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo, Chilean-born and German-raised, has written a wide, varying body of work that has refused to settle into any genre-specific terms. The uncanny rhythms he makes, born from a love of house music, new-wave, industrial, local and foreign music forms are built on what he has always considered his most important instrument – the voice. From a young adult with a background in theatre (where he directed, acted and performed), Aguayo uses his voice to slip into different character roles and imitate sounds to created a colourful, staged illusion. Using machines (drum, sampler and microphone), Aguayo shadow-plays between vocal performance and instrumentation, cloaking both in an intensely receptive, improvised performance; fed by audience reactivity. Kompakt, the now legendary Cologne-based techno label, has supported and released his music since his first recorded musical project, Closer Musik (2000 – 2003); releasing his first solo record ‘Are You Really Lost’ (2005); his second album ‘Ay Ay Ay’ (2009) and several EPs such as the ‘Legende EP’ (2014). On his travels and tours, whether in Buenos Aires forming an arts and music project known as Juventud Clandestina (Clandestine Youth), or later street party happenings, or throwing underground parties in Cologne, inspiring his ‘A Night At The Tilehouse EP’, (Soul Jazz Records, 2007), Matias Aguayo has a magnetic personality that draws him to eccentrics and outsiders from all over the world; whether they are making unique music and are free-thinking individuals with less a ‘hive minded’ view of the musical process. Not one of these people would fit into a specific genre or ‘school’ and Aguayo created his label, Cómeme (now co-run with Avril Ceballos) as a home for this assorted crew.