The inter-continental trio known as Lapcat, comprised of Cate Coslor, Kwest and Jean Jacques, combines Swiss cool with American fun. Born out of a shared love of creative expression, and drawing inspirations from everyday life, Lapcat takes diverse past influences and goes somewhere new. With sounds ranging from melodic vocals and electronic beats, to hip-hop rhythms and sparse instrumentals, the music they make is like dark chocolate with chile: bitter sweet and spicy.

Lapcat’s debut album,Trickster Trickster released sep 2012 is a love story across two continents, written in the spaces between Santa Fe, NM and Zurich. Mixed by the talented Neil Comber and mastered by Mazen Murad from Metropolis Studios, London, these fourteen tracks are not the sad songs of heartbreak, but rather the spunky and wild sounds of heart-healing. Moving lyrics and spirited instrumentals create the feeling of traveling to far away places only to find yourself finally at home with the ones you love.

Blitzpop came exactly two years later, produced and written in a few intensive sessions between Longmont and in Zurich. Listening to the album is like being on a dreamy roller coaster, where you can’t see the bottom. You find yourself delighted and sometimes unprepared by the unforeseen turns and twists of Cate’s vocal contrasting with the club-esque and pulsing soundclouds of Kwest and Jean-Jacques rhythms and beats. The album is said to be paired well with driving or milk and cookies. Bliztpop was mixed by Vinoth Vasanthakumar and mastered by Ursli Weber, Powerplay Studios, Switzerland.

Why is it called “Blitzpop”?
After Kwest and Jean-Jacques had been producing instrumentals for about two weeks, they locked their singer Cate up in a vocal booth. She had to sing to every instrumental they had done so far, without having it heard once before. So she just sang whatever popped first in her mind. Almost 80% of those lines ended up unaltered on the finished Album. After a long and meticulously preparation, it all went down very quick. That’s why its Blitzpop.