Electronic music is it necessarily without soul, without words, without a face? No, of course. And one of the finest examples to counter these stereotypes associated with artists of the era of almost thirty machines is a long-haired, Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot. Like many musicians of the 2000s is that Thibaut on Myspace turns his first compositions. “From hip-hop with a computer instrumental, samples and midi keyboard,” remembers Thibaut. While continuing his work as a graphic director, he started making remixes for Justice, late of the pier, or metronomy Fatlip. In 2007, the first single siglé Breakbot “Happy Rabbit”, 500 copies, released on the British label Moshi Moshi Records. He started DJing in clubs in 2008 and is particularly a great tour of Australia alongside Van She and Pnau. 2009 attracted by the Breakbot remix of Metronomy, Pedro Winter Thibaut offers a deal on his label Ed Banger. “I liked the team, humanly and musically. I’ve always been a fan of Daft Punk, then work with the former manager of Daft Punk and Justice present, I thought it was great. I said yes immediately. ” the first single from this collaboration gives an idea of the result: “Baby I’m Yours” is cool, pop, irresistible. The visual adorning the maxi is a strange character wearing blue shorts. The song is performed by Irfane, singer Outlines met through his friend Krazy Baldhead. The atmosphere is electronic, dance, with a sound that refers to the golden age of funk melody, that groups like Chic or BB & Q Band. “It was first played on Nova, success came gradually. Even today, people are discovering the song. Things are made ??slowly. ” And Breakbot drives the nail with the second maxi “Fantasy” featuring Ruckazoid, a DJ on the west coast whose singing voice is reminiscent of Michael Jackson. Again, the key is Breakbot fly. “I do everything, except for the voice. I am a hacker, I could not play a classical score, I do what I can. There are samples cut guitars, sometimes friends come to play on my instrumentals. I love pop and funk, I try to go in that direction. It gives this hybrid sound. Breakbot is a guy in a cave seeking melodies, “says Thibaut with his usual modesty. Solo, but not autistic, Thibaut: “It is important when working alone to listen to people who were confidence, and even those whom you do not trust, elsewhere must ask the girls who listen to the radio, sometimes it’s enough to know that we are on the right track. ” In a few months in her room (and also in the studio, anyway), Thibaut putting the finishing touches to By Your Side, a flamboyant debut album which is the latest single “One Out Of Two”, which puts his vocals Irfane irresistible as it does on four other securities (“Baby I’m Yours,” “A Mile Away”, “Another Dawn” and “Mayfly And The Light”). Other guests: Swede Björn Pacific Group, came and sang on “By Your Side (Pt 1 & 2).” By Your Side? A melodic album, stylish, full of the old funk and futuristic technology, an album that resembles its author. Thibaut intend to do live on stage. For now, we especially want to hear Breakbot, and enjoy the 14 compositions By Your Side, the funkiest album in September 2012.